Man took his photo every day from when he was 12 to when he got married and people are amazed at ‘wild transformation’

A man took a photo of himself every day for nine years and collated them together into a video, with some incredible results.

Have you ever seen an old picture of yourself compared to a new one and wondered at just how much you’ve changed?

It’s one thing to see the difference in that change over several years, but something else entirely to see it as it happens on every single day.

The first picture from the video. Credit: YouTube / Hugh Cornellier

But for YouTuberHugo Cornellier that is something he has been able to do, as he took a picture of himself every day from February 2008 to August 2017, and collated them all into a wonderful short video.

In each picture he has the same blank expression, staring straight at the camera a bit like a passport photo.

It’s a pretty mammoth feat of editing as well, as the entire video contains more than 2,500 separate photos in total.

Each of them had been methodically stitched together so that his face doesn’t jump around the screen but stays in the same place.

People thought the transformation was incredible. Credit: Hugo Cornellier

Time blazes past each day, with Hugo being joined by various people flashing on and off screen each day, but his expression never changes.

The result is an extraordinary video showing how he changes from the age of 12 all the way up to his wedding day some nine years later.

A bit further into the clip. Credit: Hugo Cornellier

And in one last photo added onto the end of clip, we even get to see him smile. Awww.

There are also a whole spectrum of different hair dos, including watching his hair grow out only to be cut back and restyled.

And even more. Credit: Hugo Cornellier

The video on YouTube has drawn an astonishing 285 million views since it was first published six years ago.

Needless to say, people have been left hugely impressed and moved by the project, and shared their views on social media.

The last picture from the video. Credit: YouTube / Hugh Cornellier

One person pointed out the amount of dedication that such a project would require over a very long period.

They wrote: “It’s crazy to think that in each photo he could’ve either been sick or sad or bored but he still took the photos!!! That is one dedicated man!”

Another highlighted just how much change he had undergone since starting the project, writing: “It’s incredible to see how he’s captured his own growth and evolution over the years, from a young boy at 12 to a groom on his wedding day.”

See the full thing:

A third person commented how the video is also a wonderful source of memories and showing his journey through life.

They wrote: “Wow, what a beautiful journey captured through photos! Each picture must hold so many precious memories.”


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