The Secret Of The Pacific Black Hole Has Been Revealed

When it comes to mysteries, there are some that are meant to be kept a secret and others that are meant to be discovered.

Although ministries have always existed, Google maps has taken things to a new level. It seems as if there was a dark mass found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and was located directly over an island.

It wasn’t long before conspiracy theorists were talking about how the destination was censored. The island in question is Vostok Island and it was shared on Reddit on a popular thread about discoveries on Google Maps.

When you look at the picture, it did seem to resemble how an island would look but it also seemed to be censored. There was a black shadow that was over the island and you couldn’t see anything below it.

Essentially, it looks like a hole in the middle of the ocean.

There were many people who were saying that it was some type of censored island but others who had been there said it was a regular location. They said it was actually the appearance of the island that made it look censored.

Someone said that the black color is actually a very dark green color because of the dense forest that is made up of Pisonia trees.

There have been others who visited the island and even took videos to show just how awesome it is:
“>Click here to watch the video

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